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Utility Partners is responsible for providing safe, useable water for dozens of communities. Our full-suite of solutions include clean drinking water and wastewater treatment/management for projects of all sizes. Our high standard of excellence is evident in each project we have the pleasure of being a part of.


Providing a reliable supply of clean drinking water… this may sound simple enough, and yet not every company is created equal.  Utility Partners ensures our clients’ water systems are operation 24/7.  Currently, we manage groundwater, surface water as well as state of the art reverse osmosis water treatment facilities.


The flush of a toilet is only the beginning when it comes to our job.  Utility Partners treats wastewater so that it can be safely returned to waterways such as rivers, lakes and streams.   We manage wastewater treatment facilities ranging in size from a hydraulic demand of 300,000 GPD to 12,000,000 GPD.  Each facility varies in process complexity, from lagoon systems to advanced tertiary treatment systems.


While we treat wastewater, Utility Partners also helps our clients to turn it into a valuable resource.  Treated effluent may be land applied or reused for irrigation purposes.  (Reuse for irrigation/industrial use, recover by-products from wastewater, convert wastewater into an energy source?) (One town’s waste is another’s treasure).

Public Works

From sidewalk, gutter and curb maintenance to tree trimming, sewer line repairs and water system maintenance.  Utility Partners has a long track record of exceeding client benchmarks when it comes to overseeing a community’s public works operations.  Service areas include:


Streets maintenance, snow plowing, traffic control, concrete construction, asphalt repair, drainage maintenance and solid waste collection.


The heart of our business is our relationships with dozens of municipalities across the country.  From the snow-capped mountains of New England to the salty shores of the Gulf Coast region and cacti-abundant Western deserts, our projects are highly scalable to any community’s specific needs.


Government agencies and organizations are in essentially charge of maintaining the public’s quality of life.  This includes providing essential services like clean drinking water, utility services and emergency response.


Manufacturers and industrial companies are faced with their own set of obstacles when it comes to water and wastewater management.  Utility Partners has a proven track record in this area… turning complex industrial hurdles into opportunities.


UP puts our clients’ goals first.  This approach creates more efficient problem solving and allows us to get to the heart of a client’s issue instead of creating a “temporary remedy.”


Private companies have different needs and environmental regulations.  Utility Partners is able to help private companies build and maintain sustainable infrastructures that successfully serve their businesses as well as their surrounding communities.

Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) & Contract Operations (ConOps)

Public-Private Partnerships and Contract Operations are often, misunderstood concepts.  Utility Partners prides itself on building strong, lasting relationships with our clients (partners).


Municipalities and utilities are often faced with an infrastructure that requires more financial investment than budgets allow.  To help meet community, as well as regulatory obligations, municipalities and utilities employ UP’s services to come up with innovative and effective solutions.


PPPs and ConOps have the ability to ultimately save the client money by offering financial flexibility.



    • Better & More Efficient Service
    • Capital Investment opportunities
    • Extended plant life
    • Lower Long-term Capital Costs
    • Customized Solutions
    • Guaranteed Permit Compliance
    • Excellent Wages & Benefits for Staff Member
    • Technical Cross Training
    • Experienced First Responders
    • UP bears the brunt of the risk putting the client’s mind at ease