Utility Partners, LLC | City of Gulfport – Case Study
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City of Gulfport, MS – Case Study



  • Inflow and infiltration (I&I) is a common concern for cities and
    municipalities, especially those with aging infrastructures.
    Gulfport is no exception to this issue.


  • Overcoming inflow and infiltration in the City’s sanitary sewer
    system. This can lead to an increase in sewer treatment
    costs and result in higher scrutiny from regulatory
    agencies. I&I can ultimately hinder development and
    future growth for the City.



  • Establish a team dedicated to evaluating the sewer system,
    using a variety of detection tests.


  • Identify inflow and infiltration problem areas at the earliest
    stage possible and remedy the issue immediately.


  • Work closely alongside City of Gulfport officials to streamline
    efforts and maintain constant, open communication.



Inflow and infiltration is introduced into a community’s sanitary sewer
from one of two sources; either rain water or groundwater penetration.
The most dramatic effects are seen primarily during rainfall events when
sewer flow tends to increase at a faster rate.

Gulfport was plagued with I&I issues for several years. In an effort to
remedy the ongoing problem, in 2015 the City assigned a crew with the
sole purpose of conducting evaluations of the sewer system.
These evaluations included video recording, smoke testing
and dye testing to help pinpoint problem areas.

With the creation of this crew, the City of Gulfport became the first and
only city on the Gulf Coast to have a team solely dedicated to I&I investigation.

Since its inception, the UP crew has performed 23 smoke tests, effecting
2,658 homes and businesses. Nearly 700 point repairs were also completed with
the team notified 86 sewer customers of seer issues on their privately owned sewer lines.

The City has approximately 2,650,560 linear feet of sewer lines and thus far,
the I&I crew has inspected 203,527 linear feet, or nearly 8% of the entire system!

To date, the UP crew has been very successful in identifying and eliminating I&I. We
continue to evaluate pumping trends of sewer lift stations and have noticed a
significant reduction in the amount of water pumped during heavy rainfall events.

Our client, the City of Gulfport, has been so pleased with the efforts and success
of the crew, they nominated this crew and Utility Partners for a Mississippi
Municipal League Excellence Award.