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City of Claremont, NH – Case Study



UP has operated the Claremont, NH Water and Wastewater
Treatment Plants since 2012.

The Wastewater is an activated sludge plant with a design flow
of 3.89 MGD, although the average flow is 1.5MGD.

On the water side, it is a conventional automatic backwash
sand and sand/anthracite filters plant designed for 2.5MGD
with an actual production of 1.2MGD.

The Water Treatment Plant began serving residents in 1985
and today over 9,000 people rely on its supply.



  • Lead in the water due to maturing equipment in
    the City’s water system


  • An aging infrastructure in the City with
    limited funds available



  • Implement vigilant testing and sampling to optimize
    the corrosion control and alkalinity of the water. Tests
    include alkalinity, orthophosphate, manganese and pH levels


  • Comprehensive communication with City officials via
    monthly meetings to review data.


  • Conduct additional sampling following the replacement
    of lead line main and goose necks by the City.



At Utility Partners, we pride ourselves on the ability to effectively work
alongside clients to help them achieve their goals and solve problematic
situations. One such example of this is the relationship we forged with a small
New England city struggling with aging pipes and connectors meeting regulations.

Together, vigilant testing and sampling was implemented with an emphasis on
corrosion control. The plan was ultimately a success, with proof resulting
in the best lead numbers since the plant began operations in 1985.

The solid partnership we have with the City allowed us to achieve this
milestone. That relationship was built over the course of our time operating the
plant, demonstrating, among other things our values of expertise, professionalism,
trustworthiness and ingenuity.


In addition to the Claremont Water Treatment Plant, UP also operates the City’s
Wastewater Treatment Plant. Both of which have operated without any safety or
compliance violations. In 2016, UP’s own Rob Lauricella was awarded the New
England Water Environment Association (NEWEA) New Hampshire Operator of the Year
Award for his amazing work and dedication to the Claremont Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Water Plant
1,030 Tests with no violations

  • Average raw water treatment 1.2 MGD
  • Average finished water turbidity 0.03 NTUs
  • 90th percentile for Lead 0.002 mg/L

Wastewater Plant
1,230 Tests with no violations

  • Average Daily Flow of 1 MGD
  • 99% TSS and 99% BOD monthly average removal
  • TSS & BOD yearly average of 4 mg/L